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Stars for rabbits and turtles

An innovative device for every age group

The promotion of sport and exercise for young people should be a main goal - especially in times of Corona.  One way for your school to give children sensible opportunities for exercise even in these special times is the sportstation.

Stars, rabbits for too fast, turtles for too slow: the software is designed in such a way that you don't need a long theoretical introduction before you step into action. After the first successes, the often unexpected sporting spirit is not long in coming. One more round - it gets even better! "An energising dynamic is created very quickly ," reports Wolfgang Alexander Paes.

Handmade in Germany

Fresh from the 3D printer

The inventor of the sportstation dealt with the digitization of training units very early on. As early as 2004, Wolfgang Alexander Paes developed the so-called "Speedflipper" in Hückeswagen, Sauerland. It's a device that, with the help of light barriers, was able to determine information about the speed, reaction and agility of the players over a 12 meter long distance. The device was originally intended to be used in tennis training. The sportstation company emerged from the idea and is currently based in Gifhorn near Wolfsburg.​

In 2020, Wolfgang Alexander Paes then used the forced Corona break for a new beginning: together with Arthur and Johann-Lukas Voigt, who had already developed an app for precise automatic time measurement on the smartphone, the completely revised sportstation 2 was created.

Running Children
In the end they ran a few kilometers...

...and didn't even notice

"How do I manage to pick up a twelve-year-old child so that he wants to walk for an hour?"

For Paes, this question was something like the initial spark for the sportstation. After all, there must be a trick that computer game developers used to keep users glued to the screen for hours with just one movement: thumbs on the controller. 

The children are always waiting for the start signal that the sportstation gives them, pull past it to the left or right, jog or sprint, do a lap or the slalom before they run to the finish line again close to their brand new sports equipment. The Sports lessons that are often not so popular become an adventure with the sportstation - the children need 15 minutes to understand everything and then they can no longer be held back.





I'm Wolfgang Alexander Paes, the inventor of the sportstation. I am very pleased that you are interested in the sportstation 2.

I would be happy to explain why the sportstation 2 is also exciting for your school or club in a free zoom conference. If you are interested, use the contact form. 

We will soon also be offering the sportstation 2 in our online shop, but you can already buy the device now! Please send me a message and you will receive information about the purchase and our financing options.

In addition, we are of course happy to receive further questions or suggestions about the device.


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