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The sports console

Electronic reality sports


Real sports

Many different sportstation games await you. Master the cone course and collect stars and levels for particularly good performances.


Digital Timing

The sportstation's three optical sensors determine your performance. Improve your personal statistics or compete with friends in the leaderboard.


Everything on one chip

The chip on your sportstation wristband saves your progress. The sports station adjusts the difficulty individually to your age and gender.

The ultimate

digital sports entertainer

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For schools

An innovative device for physical education

The sportstation is structured like a computer game and triggers the same enthusiasm in the children. Specially developed games motivate even non-sports people to do exercises for hours and in the end to be the best.

Because it's not always the fastest who wins: In games like Paesen and Exact Jogging, a sense of accuracy is required!

For the club

The sportstation can be used for training in any sport

It doesn't matter whether it's football, hockey, tennis, handball or basketball: Clubs that are already working with the sportstation are absolutely convinced of it and don't want to do without it anymore.

Versatile parcours training sessions, which are evaluated section by section, can be implemented without a complicated structure. The collected run data is processed visually and can be used by coaches to analyze the performance of the players.

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For you

Level up and train for the official sportstation events

With every run you collect stars. Once you have reached a certain number, you can start a level-up attempt. Unlock new games or accessories for your personal avatar.​

Recommended by experts

“[The sportstation] offers an ideal and practical approach to boosting both self-esteem and a sense of belonging in adolescents.”

Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther, neurobiologist

Download now

sportstation 2 connect

Download the free app now and get real-time statistics, performance data and rankings. Equip your personal avatar with reward items that you unlock via the sportstation 2 games.


Our partners


"With the community foundation VR Bank in Holstein and the sportstation - an innovative device for physical education - children are encouraged to exercise more in a playful way!"

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Large pilot project in the 26th district in Vienna

Peter Stöger takes over the sponsorship


"It made me happy to have witnessed so much joy in movement and self-motivation of the children."

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